Murder/Weapons Possession: NOT GUILTY

Decedent ambushed and shot several times, execution style. Numerous bystanders present and portions of incident captured on video tape. Client identified in photo and line-up as shooter. Client arrested and makes statement to police that D.A. interprets as motive to commit crime. Jury verdict: NOT GUILTY on all counts.

Assault/Attempted Murder/Robbery: NOT GUILTY

Complainant was accosted by three assailants who assaulted him, attempted to rob him and fled. A few minutes later, the complainant sees the main perpetrator alone and confronts him. That assailant pulls out a firearm and shoots the complainant. The police recover video surveillance, from six separate high quality color cameras, of all three assailants inside a convenience store for more than ten minutes immediately preceding the incident. Client subsequently identified by the complainant and store manager as the shooter and participant of the robbery. Jury verdict: NOT GUILTY on all counts.

Marijuana: DISMISSED

Client arrested inside premises where over one hundred (100) lbs of marijuana were recovered. Client testified in the Grand Jury that he was just a guest and knew nothing about it. Grand Jury outcome: DISMISSAL of all charges.

Kidnapping/Attempted Murder/Robbery/Weapons Possession: NOT GUILTY

Client and co-defendant charged with abducting the complainant at gun point, stealing his ATM card, beating his PIN # from him, and shooting him in the back when he tried to escape. The gun was recovered and the prosecution secured video surveillance of one of the assailants subsequently using the complainant’s ATM card at two different locations. In addition to the complainant’s testimony at trial, the prosecution entered into a cooperation agreement with the co-defendant who testified that he committed the crime, that client was his participating partner and that he knows him for years. Jury verdict: NOT GUILTY on all counts.


Complainant alleges that Client forced her to engage in sexual intercourse. Before retaining counsel, Client interviewed by police and denied any sexual encounter with the complainant. Client testified in the Grand Jury that he lied to the police, did in fact have sex with the complainant, but it was consensual. Grand Jury outcome: DISMISSAL of all charges.

Murder/Weapons Possession: NOT GUILTY

Decedent shot and killed on the street. Client picked up by the police and confesses to having a dispute with the decedent, going to the location and engaging in a fist fight with the decedent when the shots were fired. Jury verdict: NOT GUILTY on all counts.

Burglary/Robbery: DISMISSED

Complainant woken up in bed to find several masked assailants demanding property from him at gunpoint. One assailant left DNA inside this home, which was matched to a compelled sample of Client’s DNA profile. Motion to suppress Client’s DNA granted. With no additional evidence against Client, the Indictment was DISMISSED.

Robbery/Assault: NOT GUILTY

Complainant assaulted and robbed inside an elevator. The entire incident is captured on video tape. Client identified by complainant. Bench trial, Judge’s verdict: NOT GUILTY on all counts.

Gang assault: DISMISSED

Complainant attacked by group as part of gang induction. Assailants attempted to sever complainant’s hand with knives. Client identified and arrested in vicinity of crime shortly after the incident. Established an alibi, presented it to the prosecution under "controlled" circumstances, and D.A. agreed to dismiss all charges.

Burglary: NOT GUILTY

The police respond to calls of a commercial burglary immediately after superstorm Sandy and see looters inside a store with no electricity and a broken security gate, raised up with a car jack. Police officers and a lieutenant testify that Client was apprehended rolling out from under the gate of the establishment. Bench trial, verdict: NOT GUILTY of all counts except trespass [a violation of the law and not a crime].

Murder/Weapons Possession: NOT GUILTY

While walking with a friend, the decedent was executed in broad daylight on a crowded street. The shooter was caught on video surveillance exiting a van immediately before the shooting and running back into the fleeing vehicle. Several prosecution witnesses testified that Client planned the shooting, stalked the decedent, and confessed to the murder. Client’s fingerprints were found inside the get-a-way vehicle and he made a written statement admitting that he drove the van at the time of the shooting. Jury verdict: NOT GUILTY of Murder, NOT GUILTY of Criminal Possession of a Weapon [with intent to use against another], guilty of Criminal Possession of a Weapon [outside of his home or place of business.] Conviction currently under appeal.