Providing top notch representation when not only your reputation, but your freedom is at stake.
Retain a former prosecutor who knows the terrain, knows the players, knows strategy and knows the law.
Your freedom is my business.

The National Trial Lawyers In the Office of Scott Bookstein, PLLC clients matter!

Since every client and every case is unique, everyone is provided with personalized service.
I am a former NYC supervising prosecutor, having worked for the District Attorney’s Office for the better part of a decade.
I have now been a criminal practitioner for more than 25 years and incorporate all that experience to insure that my clients and all their rights are protected. These are not just words, I have a proven record as a successful trial attorney, winning verdicts on cases ranging from marijuana (kilos) to murder.

Not every case goes to trial, so when not advocating for my clients before a Judge or jury, I engage in strategic negotiations where I use my experience and expertise to identify and exploit weaknesses in the government's case. This approach has resulted in countless favorable resolutions. Having a criminal case over one’s head is stressful, that’s why I make sure that both my client and his/her family are well informed as to the court process, case developments and available options. Schedule a consultation to discuss your case. Most clients tell me that they learned more about their case during one meeting with me than months with their prior attorney.